Pastfinders Genealogical Society of South Lake County
Pastfinders presents the
Edge Funeral Home Burial Records
This project was completed with the help of the following members of Pastfinders:
Dotty Dill, Anjie Mercer, Shirley McDaniel, and Sandra Oliver
The index is to help you locate the original burial records of your ancestor whose burial may have been handled by Edge Funeral Home in Lake and Sumter Counties between 1932 and 1947.  Each record has a different amount of data recorded on the form, but there is still an amazing amount of information in these files.
You can see a blank Edge Funeral Home record form HERE
You will find the Edge Funeral Home records index HERE
The records were in four separate ledgers that we have arranged by Ledgers A, B, C, and D.  Each record is separated by numerical pages, usually in chronological order.
Ledger A: 22 Feb 1932 to 31 Jan 1936
Ledger B: 08 Aug 1936 to 15 Jun 1940
Ledger C: 25 Jun 1940 to 28 Oct 1944
Ledger D: 03 Nov 1944 to 29 Jan 1947 
The original copies are kept in the boxes labeled EDGE FUNERAL HOME RECORDS located in the Genealogy and Special Collections room at the Cooper Memorial Library.  They are located in Tier 19, 3rd shelf down from the top.  They are stored in the boxes loose-leaf, so please be mindful of how you use these records and be careful to keep them in their correct order. 
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