Pastfinders Genealogical Society of South Lake County
ONE ON ONE Research Assistance
 Need help to get started, or to break throught a brick wall, or to get computer or Genealogical Application help?
All you need to do is ask and there are a number of experienced members able and willing to help you.
Video Recordings of some Meetings for your review.
You know that something was mentioned during a meeting that you really wanted to study more, well you can study it on a video in our members only section.  Please note that some of our speakers do NOT allow recording, which we will announce ahead of time.
Access to over 10 years of Newsletters - Pathways for PastFinders 
Many of the Newsletters have articles that provide resources, helpful hints, and numerous tips.
Speaker Handouts 
Our Speakers usually provide a handout that outlines the program being presented.  The biggest benefit is usually the list of research links that they refer to and provide.
Access to Pastfinders members listing 
You attended a meeting and talked to a new member, the person's name was "Joe", but you don't remember much else.  You can use the member list to find and contact them.  Hopefully you will have a new friend.
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