Pastfinders Genealogical Society of South Lake County
Pastfinders of South Lake County has a Genealogy Room located on the Second Floor of the Cooper Memorial Library in Clermont, Florida.
 Pastfinders Genealogy Room Resources:
  • Books
  • Tier 15
    • Local Subject Notebooks
    • DAR Magazines
    • Misc Magazines
  • Tier 16
    • Local City Directories
    • Florida City Directories
    • South Lake Press books
  • Tier 17
    • ​City Directories - Florida
    • South Lake Press Bound Copies
  • ​Tier 18
    • ​Highlander Yearbooks
    • Clermont H/S Yearbooks
    • Misc Yearbooks
    • School Photo Scrapbooks
  • Tier 19
    • Misc College Yearbooks
    • Edge Funeral Home Records
    • 6 Family Bibles
  • Tier 20
    • Genealogy Magazines for states of NH, NJ, RI, CT, NY
  • ​​Tier 21
    • ​Genealogy Magazines for states of MA, PA, WV, VA, others
  • ​Tier 22
    • Genealogy Magazines for states of NC, SC, GA, Fl, others
  • Tier 23
    • Genealogy Magazines for states of FL, AL, TN, KY, OH, IL, OK
  • Tier 24
    • ​Pastfinders notebooks
    • Genealogy Magazines for states of MD, 
  • File Cabinet 1
    • ​Exective Board folders, files, information
  • File Cabinet 2
    • ​Pastfinders Surname folders and misc genealogy information
  • File Cabinet 3
    • Miriam W Johnson collection for her Book - Clermont, Gem of the Hills
  • South Lake Press on Microfilm
  • Computers dedicated to Genealogy Reseach
Several members and past members of Pastfinders have authored their own books.
The information about these books can be found HERE.
Stan Wells notes:
book1.htm listed books purchased in 2014, this file will be deleted
bookshld.htm was the start of organizing the genealogy library, but had only one entry, books by state. This file will be deleted
alpastat.htm is a list of how many books we have for each state.  This file will be deleted
 librariesBook.htm is Links to Libraries and Genealogy Books, a new links menu will replace this.